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Dec 2, 2013 12:00am EST
a wonderful professor at the unit or city and she was a professor of biomechanics and noticed there's all these boys with high dropout rates so she found a club where they could come together and build things. they had made something out of coke cans and straws or something. what struck her as that these young men had never had a tools before. i think they begin to learn how to use screwdrivers and hammers but it's something that was new to them and she realized it's almost as if we have something, young man tends to be builders sfor biotechnology and there are girls that are builders it's as if we totally forgot about the boys that have access to these tools they don't have outreach programs or special programs that interest them in engineering. one of them very naturally take to it. so i want to introduce some common sense into this arena and you want to do all you can to encourage them to go into nontraditional field but don't expect absolute. he. >> host: why are the schools going to such lengths to persuade them to become welders rather than versus the cost of state equit
Dec 7, 2013 9:00am EST
it seemed no one was there. the quietest place in new york city and one of the most inspiring places. i realized the students were in their classrooms and they were in thrall to buy what they were doing. and aviation high, a network of career and technical training high schools in new york and in this school aviation, and the kids had to spend half of the day, standard academics, math, history and english and have to do well in those courses in order to spend time in the playground working on -- fedex donated an airplane, says the 411 and kids tinker with it and you have to do well in your class. kids will do anything to go and be able to work on that airplane and classes in the afternoon, they work on these shops and build and disassemble a jet engine, learning about all about aeronautics, many of the kids are drawn from economically distressed homes and broken homes and all sorts of social problems, very large number of latino, asian and african american children, all over the school, 87% male. there are girls at aviation high and they are fantastic, they are leaders in the school
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2